Greg and his partner, Kath, saw an opportunity in 2006 to purchase a property with a commercial factory in the beautiful countryside at Hoteo North near Wellsford.This factory included an olives and processing plant. The property was perfect – not only did Greg have a kitchen and storage for his beloved sausages; he now had the opportunity to press the olives from the trees on his newly acquired Hoteo Nth property. It seemed natural to Greg and Kath that they should set up a sideline processing olives for oil, in addition to their gourmet meat products business. This is just one of the many stories of how the allure of the golden oil finds its way into the lives of those who otherwise have passed up such an opportunity.


Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin


Why use extra virgin olive oil?

Olive oil is said to have many health benefits, fighting heart disease, hyper tension, and Alzheimers, those results are associated with the highest grade, extra virgin, which is what we produce here at Salumeria Fontana.


TVNZ's Fair Go did an investigation in to imported olive oil. Greg, from Salumeria Fontana, was asked to be on the show to demonstrate how fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil should taste like.

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After seeing this episode you'll see why you should buy local New Zealand olive oil. You just can't beat our home grown olive oil! 

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