Only the very best ingredients & traditional methods used

Since June 2000 Salumeria Fontana has produced award winning pure pork sausage. All are hand made to enable you to replicate the simple Mediterranean cuisine that is so popular the world over.


We set and maintain high standards throughout our range to make choosing a Salumeria Fontana product a choice which will lift your cuisine to exceptional levels; whether it is a simple delicious pasta sauce or finishing with one of our exquisite extra virgin olive oils.


We firmly believe that choosing quality is the best option when deciding on the food we consume, whether it is Free Farmed Pork or La Chinata Paprika, for it to be included in our range it must be the best.


In August 2006 we purchased what is now the Salumeria Fontana Olive Grove at Hoteo North,  just 5kms south of Wellsford on the beautiful SH16 (Kaipara Coast Highway), from here we have continued to make the small goods as well pressing extra virgin olive oils for our own range and contract pressing for local olive growers.


Free Farmed Pork Sausages

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cuisine Artisan Awards 2015

Our Pork and Leek sausage is another winner at the Cuisine Artisan Awards in 2015.


Cuisine Artisan Awards 2011:

Once again Salumeria Fontana was a winner at the Cuisine Artisan Awards. This time for its deliciously juicy Toulouse sausage spiral.


Cuisine Artisan Awards 2009:

This Sweet Fennel Sausages beautifully elegant, sweet and fresh, with great flavours, tasting clearly of pork and fennel and with perfect seasoning and tender skin.

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