Award Winning Sausages

We hand make pure pork sausages, which contain no added preservatives and are wheat and gluten free.


We use Free Farmed Pork which is absolutely superb quality both for texture and flavour; to this outstanding pork we carefully blend only the very finest ingredients and spices. Whether you choose the award winning, delicate Sweet Fennel or the Spicy Fennel – our Sicilian Sausages, or the Italian Mantova with pepper and garlic you will be tasting sausages that have more than stood the test of time.


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In this interview with TV3's Pacific Beat Street, Greg talks with their presenter about how Salumeria Fontana sausages are made. You can also view  Bryan Brown and Sam Neil enjoying some of Salumeria Fontana sausages on TVNZ Breakfast show.

Cuisine Artisan Awards 2015

Our Pork and Leek sausage is another winner at the Cuisine Artisan Awards in 2015.












Cuisine Artisan Awards 2011:

Once again Salumeria Fontana was a winner at the Cuisine Artisan Awards. This time for its deliciously juicy Toulouse sausage spiral.











Cuisine Artisan Awards 2009:

This is what the judges said about our sausages: The judges found his Sweet Fennel Sausages beautifully elegant, sweet and fresh, with great flavours, tasting clearly of pork and fennel and with perfect seasoning and tender skin.

For a stronger tasting sausage there is the Spicy Italian with garlic, chili flake and oregano or the classic Spanish Chorizo. With all the care and attention given to their making Greg’s passion for quality provides you with some fantastic product. 

Some of our other great tasting sausages

Spicy Italian Sausage

Chorizo - Spanish Sausage

Spicy Fennel - Sicilian Sausage

Mantova - Italian Sausage

Toulouse - French Sausage

Sweet Fennel - Sicilian Sausage

Sweet Fennel - Sicilian Sausage

Pork & Leek Sausage

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